Sydney Skydive

sydney.sykdive  SYDNEY SKYDIVE
Drop Location - Sydney (Any day)
14,000ft Jump
FREE city shuttle bus

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Welcome to Australia's largest and most experienced skydive company and Sydney's only self contained Skydiving centre.

There is no substitute for experience when it matters the most. At Sydney Skydivers your safety is always first. With 40 years of experience and over 1 million skydives, we are large enough to cater to the worlds more adventurous souls, yet provide you with a truly unique skydiving experience.

We operate Sydney's only self contained Skydiving Centre.

What does that mean ? It means it is the only purpose built, self contained skydiving centre with it's own runways, BBQ areas, Cafe, Canteen, Fleet of Aircraft at the Skydiving Centre and self contained facilities to make your day a comfortable one

Being self contained we are the only Skydive operation where you can actually watch your friends and family every step of the way through their entire Skydive. They will gear up right in front of you, board the aircraft right in front of you and land right in front of you. There is nowehere else in Sydney this is possible as there is no other self contained Skydiving Centre in Sydney.

We operate Australia's largest fleet of large turbine Skydiving Aircraft taking more people faster and higher meaning less waiting around.

As Sydney's only self contained Skydiving Centre we Skydive 7 days a week all year including public holidays so you are free to choose any day and you can be sure we will be operating.

Choose Sydney Skydivers because you want the best, we are Sydney's oldest Skydive Club and Australia'a largest Skydiving Company with over 1 million jumps and 40 years of experience.

This means our staff, our experience, our equipment and resources are second to none and provide you with the ultimate in service, reliability and satisfaction when you choose Sydney Skydivers to provide you with the experience of a lifetime, your first Tandem Skydive in Sydney .

We are the only Skydiving operator in Sydney to be allocated our own airspace by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Your in good hands with Australia's No1 Skydive Company and the largest parachute and skydiving centre in the southern hemisphere, Sydney Skydivers.

Jump from Australia's largest fleet of skydiving jet engine aircraft. magnificent views of the coastline, the Blue mountains & the Sydney skyline.

Sydney Skydivers operate Sydney's only self contained Skydiving centre 55min from the Sydney CBD.

For your convienience we have 2 shops located in heart of the Sydney CBD. Our head office is located at Bankstown Airport.

Just because your going to throw yourself from a perfectly good Airplane does not mean you should not do it with maximum comfort and style.

You will soon see our new 21 seater coaster buses on the road and you can travel in style during your 1/2 day trip Tandem Skydive. .

A Tandem Skydive is a great introduction to the sport of skydiving and the perfect gift for anyone. Minimum age for a Tandem Skydive in Australia is 14years and there is no maximum age, your never too old.

Want to get high? 14000 ft pure adrenaline guaranteed when you jump from Australia's largest, and Sydney's only fleet of jet engine skydiving aircraft.

Experience the true feeling of skydiving with one awesome, unbeatable, mad minute of freefall. Grab hold of your adrenal gland as you take the controls of your parachute and fly with your instructor back to the Sydney's only self contained skydiving centre.

Your friends and family are fully catered for whilst they join in the fun and days activities in our canteen, Ground Rush cafe with fresh ground coffee, souvineer shop, BBQ and safe viewing areas as they wait your re-entry and touchdown.

This means you have your own dedicated airspace and your own dedicated, private, self contained skydiving centre to take off from and to land.

Sydney Skydivers have 2 food & Drink outlets at the Skydiving Centre:

Ground Rush Cafe is open 7 days. Relax and have a Coffee, Expresso, Cafe latte or a light snack. You can also buy T-Shirts and souvenirs from the Ground Rush Cafe.

The Skysurfer Canteen is open Sat, Sun and Public Holidays for Breakfast and Lunch

Meeting Point

300m from central railway station on the corner of Elizabeth St and Wentworth Ave.

For bonifide travellers we offer 1/2 day Tandem Skydive trips with FREE return transfers.

We Skydive 7 days a week 365 days a year and offer Sydney's ultimate in 1/2 day Skydive trips for travellers.

Not only do we operate Sydney's only self contained Skydiving Centre but we have a convienient departure lounge in the Sydney CBD. We also pickup from Circular Quay and Bondi.

Skydive Trips leave our Sydney CBD departure lounges twice daily at 7am and 9:30am. Please check trip times as availability can vary depending on bookings and weather.

* To qualify for the 1/2 day trip with free return transfers you must be a Bonfide traveller. Otherwise the meeting point for the skydive is our skydiving centre located 55min from the Sydney CBD at Picton.

What to Bring


Wear comfortable loose clothing as you would normally dress for the weather on the day. Also wear sensible sports shoes, sandshoes, runners etc. Glasses and contacts are also OK, just let your Instructor know and they will give you goggles to suite.


  • Photos $99.00 pp
    DVD (handy cam on instructor) $120.00 pp
    DVD and Photos $139.00 pp
    Outside jumper taking a video $175.00 pp




Skydive On The Beach - Mission Beach - Cairns

Skydive.On.The.Beach-Mission.Beach-Cairns  SKYDIVE ON THE BEACH
Drop Location - Mission Beach (Any day)
14,000ft Jump
FREE city shuttle bus

Book Online: from $324 pp

$35 APF (Australian Parachute Federation)
levy payable on the day




Skydiving at Mission Beach with Jump the Beach, is an exhilarating, adrenalin pumping, unforgettable adventure that leaves you feeling high (14,000 feet high!) – long after your feet have touched the ground!!

A Jump the Beach skydive can be a single skydive or it can be included in a package to make it a full day of adventure, skydiving for some people is a once only occasion so we have created a package to make your experience the best that it can be. You will enjoy a great day out with friends at Mission Beach, one of Queensland’s most beautiful and un-spoilt destinations in Australia. Mission Beach is a short drive south of Cairns, in North Queensland.

The Best location to Skydive!

Our professionally qualified staff known as tandem master will guide you out of our plane for a skydive above one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. From what ever height you have chosen for your skydive from 9,000 feet, or up to the maximum height of 14,000ft in the views of 14km of golden beaches, lush rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and tropical islands will make this day a very special occasion.

But let’s get real! You are not only here for the views. Adrenaline will flow through your body, if you choose to go from 14,000ft you will experience 60 seconds of freefall skydiving, you are falling at just over 200 kph, we are sure that this will be the most exhilarating experience of your life!!

You have the choice of Skydiving from 3 different altitudes; 9,000 feet will give you over 28 seconds of freefall! 11,000 feet will give you over 40 seconds of freefall! and 14,000 feet will have you freefalling for 60 seconds! All with the safety of being attached to one of our tandem masters.

No prior training is necessary. There are some instructions that we run through with yourself, we make sure your cool with the instructions the Tandem Master will give you and then we re-confirm just before we board the aircraft and then we are ready to go.

Your tandem skydive package includes:

  • Air-conditioned transfers to and from your accommodation (Mission Beach and northern beaches included)

  • 5 star training facility

  • All personalized training and instruction

  • spectacular scenic views over Mission Beach, Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest

  • Mission Beach largest drop zone for safer landings

  • Latest modern parachutes equipped with backup automatic parachute deployment computer

  • Option to fly your parachute

  • Personalized photo certificate of your skydive

  • Free air conditioned bus transfers to our five star skydive training facilities

  • 25 minutes of spectacular scenic views during the plane ride up to 14,000ft.

  • Utilising a purpose built skydiving plane with wide doors and spacious interior.


SKYDIVE Mission Beach - Half Day Tandem Skydive Itinerary

  • 9,000 ft skydive - $249.00, up to 28 secs freefall! (available for the 7:30am session only)

  • 11,000 ft skydive - $310.00, up to 40 secs freefall!

  • 14,000 ft skydive - $334.00, full 60 secs freefall!


  • There is a $35.00 compulsory levy (Australian Parachute Federation) + fuel levy may apply, fees are payable on the day of your skydive.



    • Upgrade to 14,000ft From 9’000ft -- $85.00

    • Upgrade to 14,000ft From 11’000ft -- $24.00

    • Handycam photos - $99.00

    • Handy Cam digital DVD - Filmed by your tandem master -- $130.00

    • Handy Cam DVD & Digital Photos - Filmed by your tandem master -- $155.00

    • Solo DVD - Filmed by a professional camera man -- $174.00

    • Solo DVD & Photo Package - Filmed by a professional camera man -- $214.00


Session Times



  • 7.30am (ex Mission Beach and Cairns)

  • 1.00pm (ex Mission Beach only)

Note: Please allow half a day if coming from Mission Beach, and a full day if coming from Cairns. Skydiving is a weather dependent sport, and we are subject to delays from air traffic control, so allow yourself plenty of time in case of unforeseen delays.

What to Bring: Shoes that won't fly off, joggers are the best.


  • Min. age 14 years. 14-18 yrs requires written permission from parent or guardian.

  • Max Weight 100 kgs (220lbs)

  • 24 hrs must have elapsed since any deep water dive.