Location - Jenolan Caves 

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Plughole Adventure Tour

Abseiling at the start of your Plughole Adventure, Jenolan CavesNo Experience Necessary!

The ever popular 'Plughole Adventure' tour is 2 exciting hours, including an abseil (weather permitting) and a series of climbs, squeezes and crawls. After donning overalls, harness, helmet and headlamp, you receive a safety  briefing, to prepare you for your thrilling journey.

You begin with a challenging 9-metre abseil down a sinkhole into the hidden world of the 'Elder Cave'. No abseiling experience is necessary. Our guides are all highly qualified, mentoring you all the way. If weather is not suitable for abseiling, we take you a different way, seeing more of the cave, and you will still have a great time!

The 'Elder Cave' is perfect for first time cavers! The abseil is followed by a spacious chamber and then 'The Windows' - a tight, short squeeze. As your confidence grows, the squeezes get longer. Look carefully, and you'll see some fine crystal, but this tour is not about cave decorations.  It is an adventure experience!

Move on through the 'Crystal Chamber' and take time for a breather in 'The Chapel'. The 'Armchair Squeeze' leads you into the fun of the 'Rockpile', then the aptly named 'Letterbox Squeeze'. This adventure is called 'The Plughole' for good reason. The 'S-Bend' is the way out of the cave! Dirty, you emerge into the Imperial Cave. On the way out, remember to swagger boldly when you pass other visitors!

Later, you can proudly show friends your Certificate of Achievement and free photos of your trip, which you can download from our Mediafire page.

The 'Plughole Adventure Tour' is a great introduction. You should complete it before you attempt any of our other adventure caving tours.

Cost: $90 per person
We can arrange private bookings for up to 12 people for only $900.
Age: Minimum - 10 years
No maximum age
Fitness: You do not need to be fit or thin, but some flexibility helps.
Times: Every afternoon, for approximately 2 hours.
Twice on Saturdays and during holidays, to meet growing demand.
We supply: All equipment, lights and protective clothing.
You supply: Clothing that can get dirty and sneakers/joggers or bushwalking boots

Have you been on a Plughole Adventure Tour recently?

If you went on the Plughole Adventure Tour recently, remember to view your photo. Go to
this link. Click on the folder for the date on which you did the tour. Find the photo of yourself and download it or email it to your friends and family. We delete images after a couple of weeks.



Aladdin Cave Adventure Tour

The challenging Aladdin Adventure at Jenolan CavesGet Hooked on Adventure!

The Aladdin Adventure Tour runs once a week only. The lower sections contain masses of fascinating crystal formations and other surprises. Bring your compact camera.

You should complete the 'Plughole Adventure Tour' before the Aladdin Adventure Tour, as The Plughole is slightly less strenuous and eases you into squeezes and other caving manoeuvres.

The Aladdin requires agility, beginning with a steep, enclosed descent. Therefore, we do not recommend this adventure to anyone with claustrophobia. Challenges like 'The Traverse', 'The Slide' and 'Lang's Leap' will challenge you. If they don't, the return climb will!

Cavers don overalls, helmets and headlamps at the 'Old Schoolhouse', study the cave map and then walk up the beautiful McKeowns Valley, before a short (but strenuous) climb uphill to the cave.

After a safety briefing in the 'Moonmilk Chamber', we head into the dark. The cave includes an exciting downhill climb through the 'Rockpile', edging across 'The Traverse', climbing cave ladders, a slide, and then the fabulous reward for your efforts - squeezing into some highly decorated sections of cave.

The way out begins with a climb up 'The Slide', and continues up, so save some energy! The return walk from the cave includes a stroll through the dramatic Devils Coachhouse, a vast cave which provides an interesting contrast to the more intimate Aladdin Cave.

This tour is a great challenge, which you will remember for a long time. You can proudly show friends your Certificate of Achievement and free photos of your trip downloaded from our Mediafire page.

Cost: $100 per person
We can arrange private bookings for up to 12 people for only $1000.
Age: Minimum - 12 years
No maximum age
Fitness: Requires some flexibility and agility.
Not suitable for claustrophobics.
Times: Every Sunday, 9am to 12 noon.
We supply: All equipment, lights and protective clothing.
You supply: Clothing that can get dirty and sneakers/joggers or bushwalking boots



Mammoth Cave Adventure Tour

An Adrenalin Experience!Serious challenge on the Mammoth Adventure, Jenolan Caves

Previous adventure cave experience, such as the 'Plughole Adventure Tour' or 'Aladdin Adventure Tour' is essential, before you attempt the 'Mammoth Cave Adventure Tour'.

This challenging cave is very extensive, with large chambers, rockpiles, long passages, chimneys and squeezes. It will take approximately six hours to complete and involves extensive climbing and a caving ladder. Your reward - large caverns of great beauty and the clear flow of 'Lower River'.

Like most of our adventures, Mammoth Adventure Tour starts in the 'Old Schoolhouse', where you will be fitted with overalls, helmets and headlights. 

After a stroll up McKeowns Valley to the cave entrance, we brief you on cave safety. Then, go through the grand 'Entrance Chamber', over rocks, mud and through some short 'squeezes'. Then the challenges begin, with the 'Jug Handle' and a twisting vertical scramble down the 'Rockpile'. Next, a long, sandy crawl takes you passed fossils, through the 'Gun Barrel' and rocky passages, to reach the awesome 'Lower River'. You have time to relax and enjoy some well-earned morning tea.

After morning tea, you can rest, or do a chimney climb to the stunning 'Oolite Chamber'. We recommend the second option! 'Oolite' is an enormous chamber full of massive, glittering crystal formations of 'show' cave quality. Unlike 'show' caves, only the brave and the hardy are able to see it!

Then, we go back to the 'Jug Handle', via either the 'Rockpile' or a cave ladder up the 'Forty Footer', to collect our lunch packs and find a warm spot for lunch.

The afternoon is more leisurely.  We explore the extensive 'Railway Tunnel' and aim for the legendary 'Skull and Crossbones', first reached by Jeremiah Wilson and friends, in 1884. Heading for home, we pass through the 'Horseshoe Cavern' and 'Cold Hole', before one last squeeze through 'Wombat Hole' and out through the vast 'Entrance Chamber'.

Cost: $200 per person.
We can arrange private bookings for up to 10 people for only $1800.
Age: Minimum age - 16 years.
No maximum age.
Fitness: Requires flexibility, agility and previous caving experience.
Not suitable for claustrophobics.
Times: First and third Saturday of every month,
9am to 5pm approximately (a full day of adventure).
We supply: All equipment, lights and protective clothing.
You supply: Clothing that can get dirty and sneakers/joggers or bushwalking boots.

For more information about what to bring, please contact our Guides Office
on 1300 76 33 11.


How to get to Jenolan Caves

There is no public transport to Jenolan Caves, but it is a pleasant drive. There is plenty of free parking at Jenolan.


From Sydney, take the M4 Motorway travelling west through the Blue Mountains, Katoomba and Mt. Victoria on the Great Western Highway. Shortly after Victoria Pass, the Jenolan Caves turnoff is found just past the village of Hartley. Turning left, this road passes through Hampton and finally Jenolan Caves.

The trip offers spectacular scenery on a sealed road that can be completed comfortably in 2½ hours from Parramatta. If you have time, explore the
Blue Mountains along the way.

If you are visiting Jenolan from the direction of Sydney, Katoomba and Lithgow, the last section of the road into the Jenolan Valley is one way from 11.45am to 1.15pm everyday. This allows coaches to enter Jenolan safely on the narrow road. Visitors can still leave Jenolan during these times - via the Oberon Road which is now fully sealed.

From Canberra, bypass busy Sydney and drive via Goulburn and Taralga, using the newly sealed 'Tablelands Way'. It's a beautiful, picturesque drive - only 3 hours to Jenolan.

There is no fuel at Jenolan. When travelling from Sydney the last service station is at Mount Victoria or Lithgow. When travelling from Bathurst or Canberra, the last service station is at Oberon or Bathurst.

Jenolan Caves is in National Park - please do not bring animals (including dogs).

The road into the Jenolan Valley is not suitable for caravans, and we no longer have a campground. You can park your caravan in Lithgow, Hartley, Bathurst or Oberon and drive down to Jenolan.


Trains from Central Station, Sydney connect with the coach at Katoomba. The train from Sydney Central that will make the connection, departs 7.18am weekends and 7.25am Monday to Friday.