Abseiling / Cannoning

abseiling.blue_mountainsABSEILING / CANYONING
 Location - Blue Mountains
Beginners Abseiling and Canyoning

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Beginners Abseiling & Canyoning

Canyons will depend upon weather conditions

Professional Mountaineering Instructors

All equipment supplied

Own arrangements to the Blue Mountains meeting place is on Katoomba Street.

Empress Canyon
Grade: Moderate     9:15am - 4:30pm
A fantastic abseiling/canyon combination, one of the mountains best! The first half of the day is abseiling,
starting with a three metre high block and building up to higher cliffs during the morning. After lunch, it's a scenic fifteen minute walk to the start of the canyon. You wade into the creek that descends into the narrow slot-like canyon and within a few seconds you are jumping into a rock pool, the first of several jumps and swims! This canyon is an exciting affair with water jumps, exhilarating swims, waterslides and fantastic scenery. The final abseil out of the canyon is one of the best waterfall abseils in the mountains - clip into the rope, step back and follow the 30 metre waterfall down to the deep rock pool below. This is not just a brilliant waterfall abseil but also a fantastic photo opportunity.

Grand Canyon
Grade: Easy    9:15am - 5.30pm
After enjoying the morning on our beginners abseil instruction site, you will start the canyon in the afternoon with a   walk through a rainforest gully. Your guide will explain the geology, plus flora and fauna of the area.
This canyon begins with a 15 metre abseil down to the canyon floor. It's a two hour walk, wade and swim as you follow the deep and spectacular canyon through caverns of amazing rock formations, fern-lined walls and narrow slots. The final plunge is a  30 metre swim to the canyon's end. The walk out is a steep 45 minutes but has a spectacular finish as you step out onto Evans Lookout for brilliant views over the Grose Valley.

Dargans Creek
Grade: Moderate     9:00am - 5.30pm
Come and join us on an exciting adventure into the wilderness of Dargans Creek canyon!  Following a morning of training to hone your abseiling skills and fuelling your body with a hearty High 'n Wild lunch, you will travel into the stunning amphitheatre which marks the start of the canyon.A spectacular 40-metre abseil to the canyon floor is the exhilarating introduction to this adventure. The initial sections of the canyon are through alternating sections of temperate rainforests and eucalyptus forest.The canyon winds through narrow canals, which are the home of water dragons, crayfish and a myriad of bird life.The final sections of the canyon are stunning!  The highlight is one of the finest tunnel passages of any Blue Mountains canyon. Scrambling and swimming through the dark passages you will enjoy the beautiful gold, yellow and burgundy rock formations of the unusual tunnel formation.Upon leaving the tunnel you will burst into the rainforest oasis which marks the exit of the canyon. The action doesn't end until you have completed an exciting scramble up a waterfall, a Tarzan climb up a large tree and a gentle bush stroll back to the bus.

Beginners Full Day Canyons

Fortress Creek
Grade: Easy/Moderate        8:00am-4:30pm weekends       9:00am-4:30pm weekdays
The 30 minute walk-in is leisurely and scenic, offering great views of the magnificent Grose Valley and the many hanging swamps. We descend to the start of the canyon, at this point a small creek. You will soon marvel at the scenery as you follow the creek's clear, fresh  water. Sometimes it is only ankle deep, while other sections require short swims. The first water-jump is just ten minutes from the start. Take a deep breath and jump - guaranteed to waken the senses!Deeper in the canyon, the main section features a spectacular water-jump into a deep pool, a superb swim through a narrow rock gorge, a short subterranean journey beneath the rocks and an easy short abseil into a rock pool (no previous abseiling experience required!).Our lunch spot at the canyon's end is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking views in the mountains, for the creek eventually spills over an edge 100 metres up the huge sandstone cliffs that border the Grose Valley. The lunchtime panorama takes in the awesome 550 metre walls of Mt Banks - the highest in the Blue Mountains - and Blue Gum Forest, heart of the Blue Mountains National Park. Here you will change into your dry clothes again and tuck into a well earned lunch. The walk out quickly ascends onto  Fortress Hill and then Fortress Ridge. The view of the area from here is simply awesome. After an hour or so you will be back at the vehicles.

Twister/Rocky Creek
Grade: Easy/Moderate      7:00am- 6:00pm
Rocky Creek is one of the most  magnificent Blue Mountains canyons that is regarded by insiders as a 'must do'.

The beautiful 30 minute rainforest walk leads you to Twister Canyon. After wetsuits are fitted the fun begins. There are 8 jumps and slides before you reach Rocky Creek. From here the canyon is magnificent and deep. It includes much swimming and a great water-slide into a deep pool.In some parts the canyon is very narrow with high rock walls towering above. At the end of the canyon is a trip back up through the magnificent gorge of Rocky Creek.

Wollangambe River Rafting
Grade: Moderate/Hard    8:00am- 6:00pm
This is a  unique canyon because it is possible to take a li-lo (inflatable airbed) and 'raft' along the river, descending some small rapids on the way. The walk to and from the canyon is very scenic with views of the Wollemi National Park, famous for the Jurassic Wollemi Pines.There's no abseiling, the river flows gently between huge towering rock walls.This is an ideal family trip or good for a group of friends who want a relaxing adventure. There is the opportunity to rock jump into the  crystal clear water by scrambling up the canyon walls. You will be refreshed and revitalised after this adventure!

Serendipity Canyon
Grade: Moderate    8:30am- 6:00pm
Serendipity means an unexpected pleasant discovery - a good description of this beautiful Mt Wilson canyon. After a 1/2 hour easy grade bushwalk a 10m abseil takes you to down to creek level and it's lush temperate rainforest. As you progress along the creek via a series of short but tricky abseils you will find the canyon walls gradually begin to rise up each side of the creek. After a magnificent "tunnel" section you will find yourself on the beautiful Wollongambe river. Where it's time for a tasty lunch and a play in the warmer waters of the river, before a casual 1hr walk back to the car.